Your child's brain holds the power to recovery.

Unlock it with VASA CONCEPT for free.

Your CP child can grow and develop like any other growing child despite brain damage, without developing contractures, spasticity, and deformities, and without painful stretching.

Astonishing Results with Vasa Concept

Astonishing Results

Your child can also play in the playground

Your child can also bicycle like others

Your child can also talk and walk like other children

Your child can also dance like others

Dr. Rajul Vasa

Message from Dr. Rajul Vasa

I dedicate this web site to parents and health professionals who together want to understand more about brain lesion in children and wish to give solution to the complex problem made simple with Vasa Concept and support from Rajul Vasa Foundation.

In a humble attempt to reach parents of thousands of young and challenged Lovely children, I am writing today to offer my years of “Clinical Evidence based work” to all families struck with such reality.

Parents….please be informed that this Goal is not profit driven nor does it carry “Hidden Costs”. I always felt very strongly that child who cannot earn yet, and cannot take decision for the self, must not be deprived from benefiting to develop like any other child for the sake of money. I feel child may get deprived of treatment if it costs a lot. 

My drive is to be supportive to the “Pride” the parents had, when they knew of  joy of coming parenthood and then were hurt to see & understand the totally different reality with the challenges their loved one brought along with.

The ‘GOAL’ here is child-centric enabling him/her to grow independently with support from proven science rather than social sympathies, loads of medications besides “Don’t do this” and / Or “can’t do that”!!

Notes for Parents of CP child

When your child is diagnosed as cerebral palsy child with terms like quadriplegic, diplegic, athetoid or hemiplegic it is good for the parents to know what can be done to your child. Once the diagnosis is made by your pediatrician, or neurologist or rehabilitation doctor, parents need to know that everything is not lost & one needs to help child’s brain to get all opportunity it needs to discard the role of the damaged neurons & to continue to grow in the right direction & help connect the brain with the environment to be able to rise upright at proper time without spasticity & abnormal postures.

Concerns of parents of Cerebral Palsy children

We understand how you feel and what all concerns you have about various symptoms of your CP child. Can you relate to any of these?

How does Vasa Concept work in Cerebral Palsy


Contracture, stiffness, and abnormal movements begin to control body of your child with ongoing unchanging sensory information about passive state of body. Monotonous sensory input to the brain from contracted stiff body makes body to control brain instead of brain controlling the body.


You can force the brain despite presence of lesion to indulge into desired motor output if, you force and cox it into action for its priority; ‘the safety of Centre of Mass’ with postural motor output that enable child to get connected to gravity and self-balance with resources from within the brain exploiting muscles so that he does not need passive support that can keep him dependent.


You as parents can help your child by understanding and following the principles of VASA CONCEPT to prevent ‘Negative contribution’ of automatic postural control to take over control of your child that gets him label of a CP child. You can help your child from the comfort of your home with help from Rajul Vasa Foundation.