Rashid  is a case of seizures due to Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy  with developmental delay (cerebral palsy)/hypoxic ischemic changes.  Rashid started treatment under Dr. Vasa’s guidance at age of 5 years.

Rashid Khan before Vasa Concept

Rashid had a very spastic body and delayed milestones. He had fisting of his hands and scissoring of legs. He could not sit, crawl and there was no intellectual growth. He had no facial expressions at all even at age 5.

Before joining Dr. Vasa, Rashid’s parents had taken him to all places possible where they could find a solution to their child’s problem, but all in vain. When Rashid came to us, both hands were tightly fisted, delayed milestones, drooling a lot, no muscle development was seen, unable to have any eye contact with any object due to poor head neck control, severely spastic body. The child’s face had a look as if he was afraid of the world outside; he would never smile whatsoever.

Following is an account of observation made by Rashid’s parents over the years while being treated with VASA CONCEPT


Before - After Video

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With Vasa Concept

Progress Timeline

2008 Jan - Dec

Visible Progress

  • Rashid used to keep his palm tightly closed with thumb in all the time but now his palms are wide open.
  • Before it used to take us one hour to feed Rashid but after this exercise he takes only 15mins for the same.
  • He can control his neck now very well.  Earlier his neck used to fall in all directions but now it has improved a lot. It doesn’t fall down as often as it used to be and as a result he can have good eye contact and look better at the surroundings and learn better.
  • Now he is trying to hold objects.
  • He is trying to hold his neck.
  • We make him sit in cross legged posture while feeding.
2009 Jan - Dec

Visible Progress

  • Earlier he was unable to understand anything, he was averse to drinking water.  Forcefully we used to pour 1 -2 spoons in his mouth.  Within 6 – 7 months of Dr Rajul Vasa’s treatment he himself started asking for water on seeing someone drinking water.  Through gestures he started indicating he wants to have water.  Now he is able to easily drink about half a glass of water at one go and even have more quantity of food than before. 
  • In 2009, his diet consisted mainly of fruits and vegetables only as advised by Dr Rajul.  It was after this that we saw his body becoming tenable, more relaxed and soft.  His digestion system improved and his intelligence also showed remarkable improvement.
  • Rashid used to pass stools every 2-3 days and not everyday unlike other children. It used to be such a painful ritual for him that he had to gather all his strength to pass the stools.  Now he does it daily, mostly without any strain to pass stool.
  • He has become more active and tries to move forward by gliding on the floor.

Rashid used to pass stools every 2-3 days and not everyday unlike other children. It used to be such a painful ritual for him that he had to gather all his strength to pass the stools. Now he does it daily, mostly without any strain to pass stool.

2010 Jan - Dec

Visible Progress

  • Before starting this therapy, with the changing season, his health used to worsen.  Now changing season does not affect him much.  Earlier he frequently used to catch cough, cold and fever almost every fifteen days and we feared to take him out.  Now he doesn’t fall ill at all. There are lots of changes in his body and his health.
  • His body muscles are relaxed than before.
  • Earlier we had to mash the cooked food when it came to feeding him.  Now he shares the same food without any special treatment.  He takes away roti from my hands and eats it.
  • Rashid now is able to recognize his surroundings.  He enjoys shaking hands with people, his joy writ large on his face reflects in his smile.  
  • Earlier when we used to make him sit he couldn’t.  Now he sits in cross-legged position on his own for some time.  He himself opens his legs, tries to hold his neck and succeeds in sitting straight.  His sitting posture is consistently improving.
  • He is able to sit in Namaaz posture and also moves forward like a frog.  When he started with this he used to fall after moving few steps, but now he can move from one place to another without falling and he enjoys roaming very much.
  • Earlier he used to throw himself back a lot.   This has totally stopped now.
  • He now makes noise and shouts at us when he is angry with us.
  • Earlier he used to drool a lot, but now it is almost negligible.

He is able to sit in Namaaz posture and also moves forward like a frog. When he started with this he used to fall after moving few steps, but now he can move from one place to another without falling and he enjoys roaming very much.

Rashid - bearing weight on his hand and moving forward
2011 Jan - Dec

Visible Progress

  • If we make him sit in front of TV he now enjoys moving pictures and to some extent understands and enjoys.  He is also able to understandour conversation.
  • Changes are also seen in his hand movements, if he sees anything lying on the ground like spoon, hairpin he picks it up & puts it to the correct place.
  • If we make him wear new cloths he feels very happy.  If we tell him we are going out then he happily jumps.
  • If anybody takes his things then he gets angry till the time he will not get back his things.
  • There is also improvement in his eyes.  Earlier there used to be poor response when he was called by his name. Now he is showing quick responses. 
  • He tries to eat biscuit by himself and also dips the biscuit into cup of tea.
  • He now knows few English alphabets and points them out with one finger.
  • He is slowly attempting to crawl.

Changes are also seen in his hand movements, if he sees anything lying on the ground like spoon, hairpin he picks it up & puts it to the correct place.

Rashid - removing toffee (a game intended to engage the child)
2012 Jan - Dec

Visible Progress

  • There is glow on his face which demonstrates that his blood circulation is improving day by day.
  • Now he tries to speak Amma, Abba & also listens to everything carefully.
  • Earlier he was not able to lift any weight with hand but now he can manage to do it. 
  • Initially he used to cry a lot while exercising but now he has adapted them and do it willingly.
  • While sleeping if there was any disturbance or even little noise, Rashid would immediately startle to the noise.  Now he takes it easy.
  • Initially Rashid was very scared of songs and loud sound like horn, now his fear has vanished.
  • Rashid can now move on a bike a distance of 1-2 Kilometer.
  • Rashid used to keep his body stiff while taking bath but now there is no problem, he is very happy while taking bath.
  • When we call Rashid he crawls and comes to us.
  • Today, he sits alone, asks for whatever he wants with gestures and shouts at us.  He can eat by himself and he loves to mingle with children of neighborhood.
  • He can help us make him wear clothes.
  • Rashid is balancing his trunk well on the ball.
  • Rashid can now sit in Buddha posture independently for quite some time now.
  • Rashid’s understanding has improved a lot.  Now he hates to be at home.  He doesn’t feel uncomfortable in outer surroundings now.
  • Rashid’s body has become more flexible now.
  • Rashid is standing well in the corner now.  His heel remains flat on the floor. Previously his trunk used to fall sideways while standing, but now he controls his posture nicely while standing.
  • He is trying to do one leg cobra on his own by pushing one leg out.  His pelvis also touches to the floor in one leg cobra posture.

Today, he sits alone, asks for whatever he wants with gestures and shouts at us. He can eat by himself and he loves to mingle with children of neighborhood.

Rashid - balancing and exercising on ball
2013 Jan

Visible Progress

  • Rashid can stand erect with just holding at the knees.
  • Now his feet remain flat on the floor when standing.  His ankle tightness has also reduced.
  • He can do dog cobra on his own with little support at the elbows.
  • He can sit in Buddha posture for quite some time now without any support.
  • His drooling has reduced a lot.
  • His both hands have opened up.  There is no more fisting of hands.
  • His face looks brighter than before.
  • He is focusing more nicely at any object than before.
  • His neck remains stable.
  • He now gives all family members a social smile frequently.  Previously, he had no expressions on his face.
  • His body has become more muscular.  His arms and thigh muscles look stronger.
  • His trunk muscles and chest muscles particularly have become more bulky and strong.
  • His breathing has improved. 
  • Now he falls sick very rarely and that too he recovers without any medication.
  • His intellectual level has improved a lot.  Now he understands everything that we talk about. 

Rashid Khan History

This is neither a story, nor a mere account of sufferings I am narrating to you.  In everybody’s heart there is always a whisper which is drawn towards the welfare of the mankind.  When we get everything normally, we never hear this whisper.  As such this is drowned below the gushes of the currents of selfishness.  Here is my child who was unfortunate to react with his cry on his entry into this supreme world, struggling to be alive.  In medical terms he was subsequently termed as CP child.  It’s a common proverb “survival of the fittest”.  My child is not physically fit.  However having come into the world, shall we allow his existence be only a log of wood?  There is an unbeaten concept of motherhood.  I, with the help of my husband did our best to instill life into our child’s near motionless and lifeless body, inspite of all odds like lack of money power and knowledge power.  A ray of hope beckoned in our life in the form of Vasa concept.  Better delay than never.

My first child Rashid was born on 19th July 2003 at Gorakhpur (UP).  He was delivered at home. Rashid’s weight at birth was just 1.75 Kg.  During delivery it was felt that there was no life in Rashid’s body, it was a lifeless body. He did not cry.  After half-an-hour of Rashid’s delivery, his condition was unstable due to which he was taken to Child Specialist. After examining the child’s condition, doctor did not see any chance for improvement and suggested admitting him to the hospital would be wastage of money. My parents insisted and doctors finally admitted him to the hospital & provided him oxygen. After 5-6 hours Rashid cried a bit and all felt relieved.  It was difficult to think   What  to explain to Rashid’s father & his grandparents who had pinned their hopes on the baby boy who is going to get fame to their race.  The tension was to mount further as there was very poor response from a baby boy Rashid in the days to come. Doctors removed his oxygen supply when ultimately a dim cry went off a frail body. The nightmare had just started.  The next day Rashid got epileptic attack. On the third day doctor advised that Rashid should be given Mother’s milk, but Rashid was not strong enough to suck Mother’s milk.

For 2-3 days Rashid was unable to open his eyes and very frail.  For 10-12 days I tried to give mother’s milk which was in vain.  We had to feed him milk through tube.  After some days doctors removed his tube & suggested to give him milk through spoon or directly provide him mother’s milk. The effort was enormous.  After one month he started taking Mother’s milk, but in a very less quantity & a small feeding used to take a long hour.  There was no visible improvement in the condition after a lapse of an year.  He lied motionless on the floor.  Within 3 months he again got epileptic attack and the medicines continued.  We were almost in shock state and could not see a way out.

Then in 12th month we took Rashid to Mumbai thinking that Mumbai is a very big city and it has got solution to everything.   We hoped to find some good doctor who will surely treat Rashid for the good.  We approached specialist doctors in renowned hospitals like K.E.M., Hinduja, Wadia and others.  Our hopes dimmed with the stereotyped reply from the doctors without any profound assurance for the betterment in Rashid’s condition.  The only advice mattered is that the child needs to do exercise and therapy.  We were unable to understand how could a small and weak child like Rashid do exercise? Ultimately We approached a local doctor Dr. Salman in Nallasopara itself.  He made Rashid exercise for 2 months which did not bring any improvement in Rashid’s condition. He advised to consult Dr. Medini.  Dr. Medini is a doctor and occupational therapist in Hinduja hospital. She said it will take time for Rashid to improve, it could be between 2 to 4 years, he would not be like normal child.  The very word ‘improvement’ mattered the most. 6 months exercise brought some effect and Rashid started making movements.

In the meanwhile one of the acquaintances suggested that there is an Ayurvedic hospital in Coimbatore district in Tamilnadu where such ailments are treated. We at once sent Rashid’s photos and file to doctor through this acquaintance. This is the first time ever that doctor said that child would be fine in 5-7 months. Our happiness knew no bounds.  They were all set to make all out efforts to witness that day.  Rashid’s treatment started. It consisted of oil massage, flour soaked with cow’s milk would be poured in the frying pan and stirred for 20 minutes and this mixture would be applied on whole body 4 times a day.Twice a day a cloth containing salt would be heated in oil on hot pan and the whole body was dampened with this. The course of various medicines as per time schedule was displayed on the wall and the applications on Rashid’s body continued from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. without knowing whatsoever the logic and end result of all this.  In addition Rashid was made to stand by tying him with the wooden stand.

We had no clue where all the rituals were leading to. Unknown place, unknown people and unknown language.  We couldn’t even communicate properly.  Although Confused all over we went on with this in a hope that all is well which ends well but this turned out to be no less than a mirage.  Ultimately, we decided to give up.  The money we had somehow gathered was already vapored and it was not possible to support the treatment monetarily further.  Doctor was void of emotions; he did not want to allow his object out of his clutch. He put plaster on Rashid’s chest and asked parents to bring him back after 45 days.  The set for the next show was already drawn.

With a great disappointment we came back only to find ourselves that we had not even moved inch further.  Indeed it was a sigh of relief we escaped at last!  The wise thing we did was not to go back to Coimbatore instead we got the plaster removed with the help of the local doctor.  During these 4 months, exercises and therapy had come to a halt.  Again the hopeless search commenced with the piercing thought of whether Rashid would ever be fine.  Whenever anybody referred to us, may it be doctor or saint, we used to certainly try but with the diminished hope every time. Till now God’s grace never dawned upon us!

It was a horrendous experience with a saint vizAslam baba in Karnataka.  He told us to give bed bugs’ blood to Rashid which we declined outrightly.  The medicines which he gave to Rashid tasted bitter like neem leaves with a foul smell.  Now we feel what an atrocity it was on a poor child who could neither speak nor protest to push such dirty thing into his throat the very smell of which might have made anybody vomit.

Rashid used to often suffer from cold & fever. Our social life was already severed and we dared not go out with the obvious fear of Rashid’s condition getting worse.

We could not stop exercises altogether. We continued exercises under the guidance of one or the another doctor.  Speech Therapist, occupational therapist turn by turn.  We felt a slight improvement in Rashid with the doctor in Grant road.  Till now Rashid couldn’t balance his neck and he could not hold his sight on anything. There was little improvement and it was a big thing for us that he started recognizing a few things.  The expeditions continued. Grant Road via GoregaonGokuldham Medical Center to Nallasopara.  The last destination was Dr. Salman at Nallasopara itself.  As per his advice a chair was made of Rashid’s size with a lock system in the front.  We made Rashid sit in the chair in free time.  Doctors made a stand for Rashid to make him stand with support.  He was made to stand for one hour every morning & evening.  Special shoes were made for Rashid to make him walk. We made him do all these things for 2 years with little improvement.

Slowly depression made its way to make us feel wary of treatment, doctors, saints, beliefs everything to come to a conclusion that Rashid would continue to be a log of wood.

During this period, Rashid grew very little, he was unable to do anything not only physically but mentally too.  He never demanded anything, to feed him used to be a great exercise, he hardly consumed water, the people around him made no difference to him, he was neither attracted nor distracted by anything. There was no reaction on his motionless face; an object with life only because he was breathing.

It was July 2008, 10 o’clock in the night; the day one friend came to our house along with a young man named Sanjay. On seeing Rashid he began to tell about the doctor named Rajul Vasa.  The story failed to cheer us up. We had had enough bitterness of merry go round of the doctors.  It’s all about money, time and hard work devoid of success.  Nonetheless Sanjay persisted.  He also advised not to make Rashid wear his shoes to make him stand because this may harm Rashid.  He gave the phone no. of Ms Trupti Madam and insisted we should call her. We talked with Trupi Madam as one more routine and Rashid’s full report file was sent to her.  Appointment was fixed after one week. The first time we were introduced to Dr Rajul at  PremPuri Ashram. She did full check up of Rashid and told us that Rashid will be alright if we were ready to do lots of hardwork for Rashid. We were touched with the intensity of the words which were uttered from the depths of the mind.  May be that whisper for the welfare for the mankind was heard from the distance.  She told that soon within a week’s time there will be visible improvement in Rashid.

This is from where Rashid’s return journey to life began! The exercises under the strict supervision and the minute follow up showed miracle within a week.  Rashid’s stiffness started melting gradually.  As an initial reaction of the body to new concept Rashid got Fever & loosemotions.  Trupti madam told not to worry as it normally happens in the beginning and he will be fine after some time. In this way, in 2-4 months he continued this routine after which he was showing good improvement.  Within a short span of treatment with Dr. Rajul Vasa we could see numerous changes in him:

We have achieved more than what we had expected after losing hope from every corner. This is not the end but the beginning.  Dr Rajul Vasa’s treatment during 4 years period had shown U Turn in Rashid’s development by stimulating his brain so that the body will have master to instruct and train and monitor the actions on physical as well as emotional level too.

On our part, we are witnessing Rashid socializing.  He is surrounded by children from neighborhood.  He giggles in their company and all of them in turn try to cheer him up.  He is very happy in company and fully cooperates while they are around.  When I watch them together, I feel elated with the thought that Hope has kindled our lives.  Hope is the mother of all feelings.  Once a log of wood, Rashid’s every movement is progressive, his body feels life all over as if touched by the stick of hope!  Dr Rajul Vasa is HOPE personified!

Rashid’s motionless face earlier is now lit with a beautiful smile.

Rashid Khan

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