Dr. Rajul Vasa

About Dr Rajul Vasa

Rajul Vasa

Rajul is a clinical scientist, applied motor control.

She completed her postgraduate education from Rehabilitation Klinik Valens and post Graduate Centre Hermitage Bad Ragaz in Switzerland.

She realized that brain stroke and rehabilitation is a field where the diagnosis and early critical care has advanced with modern science and technology, however post-acute care is still in dark state. Rehabilitation techniques practiced today have many short falls.

Development of abnormal motor control and spasticity continues to be a challenge for all concerned with rehabilitation around the world!

Rajul began to feel guilty when brain stroke patients visited her with high expectation. She was as clueless as the patient – only difference being that she was on the other side of the table!! Rajul put herself in the shoes of the patient and started questioning herself on why brain stroke patients of the last century and the present ones continued to show similar symptoms, which endorsed them as hemiplegics despite the lesion in different areas of the brain? And why a small lesion could cause loss of one half of the body?

Rajul became obsessed to find solutions for challenges faced by brain stroke patients and became determined to give a new direction for brain stroke rehabilitation around the world!

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