You must not exercise paretic muscles which are victim of brain lesion.

You need to fix brain by using your own paretic body segments as a window to re-reorganize the self-organized brain.

Vasa Concept aims to enable stroke/ CP patient to become
self-reliant and without handicap and dependency. If, you are willing to work very hard for 6 hours a day, you are welcome to contact us… will be guided all for free.

What concerns me deeply is the way brain stroke is being perceived by people at large.

A lot of people (including some health professionals) consider it as a hopeless condition & accept the loss of control on movement, balance & posture as inevitable. (although no one declares it openly).

The Best Machine you can think of for your recovery is ‘your own brain’, ‘your own body’ and ‘Gravity’

Rest to recover is outdated thinking. 

Stroke motor rehabilitation  in VASA CONCEPT demands hard work on part of patient.  Success lies in the hands of the patient.

Dr. Rajul Vasa

Dr. Rajul Vasa

Scientist – Applied Motor Control

Journey with Vasa Concept


Recover paretic body without abnormal compensatory movement. Make spasticity and contracture remain in text books and not experience them in reality. Discover the new way of recovering cognitive and speech functions as a byproduct by prioritizing automatic safety of your COM [centre of mass] using your paretic body and your own brain..