In a humble attempt to reach parents of thousands of young and challenged Lovely children, I am writing today to offer my years of “Clinical Evidence based work” to all families struck with such reality.

Parents….please be informed that this Goal is not profit driven nor does it carry “Hidden Costs”. I always felt very strongly that child who cannot earn yet, and cannot take decision for the self, must not be deprived from benefiting to develop like any other child for the sake of money. I feel child may get deprived of treatment if it costs a lot.

My drive is to be supportive to the “Pride” the parents had, when they knew of  joy of coming parenthood and then were hurt to see & understand the totally different reality with the challenges their loved one brought along with.

The ‘GOAL’ here is child-centric enabling him/her to grow independently with support from proven science rather than social sympathies, loads of medications besides “Don’t do this” and / Or “can’t do that”!!

Ofcourse the sympathy, love alongwith understanding can never be undermined…….actually at such tender age more important is to Guide the body into corrective growth by spending good number of hours at home under periodical expert’s guidance. For the child home is the safest environment and I believe your child is in better receiving zone at home. Child feels that mother and father are at play with him instead of getting a feel of exercise as they do not as yet know what is exercising. Child develops good emotional bonding with parents when child is exercising in play mode long hours with parents and not long hours of crying which may disturb chemistry of the brain with negative enzymes.

Exercise and play with the goal that you will make your child’s body and brain get connected to the gravity so that he can independently control and restore his own Centre of Mass (COM) to safety without depending on outside help! This will ensure that he does not get dragged into a vicious circle of complex symptoms of muscles.

Palliative treatments like to stretch muscles, to strengthen muscles, to reduce spasticity, to reduce contracture etc. do not secure your child against force of gravity and can make him remain dependent for safety of his COM for rest of his life.

Dr. Rajul Vasa

Dr. Rajul Vasa