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In Vasa concept empowering the patient is fundamental. It is mandatory that patient and family take the responsibility to work with the patient. It is critical for the patient to work for 6 hours at least each day in safe environment of home to recover. Periodical guidance of Vasa Concept clinical therapist will support and give direction to true recovery.

We at RVF give guidance and guideline of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ to put the patient on the road to global recovery.


Step 1: Download the protocol form below

Protocol form for Brain Strokes

Protocol form for Cerebral Palsy

Step 2: Email us the information on: [email protected]

  • Videos: To share videos, you can upload the videos on services such as YouTube as ‘unlisted’ videos and share the link of the Video while submitting your applicable.
  • In the video title, please write the name of the patient and description of the problem / body- part / action to help us identify the video.
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