and whenever i walk my affected legfeels heavyand my left smalltoes will curland foot will turninward.i have been going to gym everyday and have been working so hard yet theres no the gym i will do 20mins of treadmill 3 timeswhicch means i walk for an hourand 20min 0fcycling.i still have difficulty walking it looks as if im limping when i walk i have to wear ankle brace because my foot tends to turn in when im walking and the toes also curls in as i walk and its v painful im thinking of botox  buti heard that it will make you weak..soim seeking on your advise and can you recomand me some excersises for improvment in my walking hope to hear from you soon waiting egarly for your reply .LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY.THANK YOU


hi dr vasa i tried calling you but you were not avalable so i spoke with mdmtrupti.she also told me to write every detail of my stroke was dbecause of i had an AVM.SO ON 7TH AUGwheni was conducting tutioni had aservere headache, i quickly went to my bed room to llie down thinking that it will subsidebut no, it became worse,i fall on the floor and quickly pickup myself and lie down on bed icalled out for my student to call my aunty who was outside my housei was sweating alot and the pain was getting worsemy aunt quickly came to me and she called for an ambulance after awhileivomittedi was brought to the ambulance after fewmin.wheni was brought down to the hospital the dr broke the sad new he said i had a stroke.what is stroke????ididnt know i ask the dri only have heard of heat stroke but not stroke. whatsstroke.thedr reply you had a bleeding in your head.i was really devasted.i spent 7 days in icu.after a mth a surgery was performed to remove the avm after 2weeks of surgery i was admitted in the rehabilitation center where i spent was the darkest moment of my life.after my discharge i was ableto walk but my waling was not gd and steady and stll is not good.i went through a period of depression.i thought of many ways to end my lifebut the thought of my sonhelp me to overcome this problem.buti still felt depress at times and one day i stumble upon your website, i showed my husband and we both had a dicussion and finally we made up our mind to go to india to see you for treatment.drvasa..which will it be more convinent for me to get in touch with youthroughmail or phone??sodr vasa can we fix the appointment with you can i come to india on th18thof april??pls do reply to me dr vasa thank you for your time

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