My hand is coming along but at a slower pace. The recovery was going as planed. Then in November 2009 and out of nowhere my toes in my left foot started to curl under and my big toe to stick up in the air. Like if I needed another challenge. This isdriving me crazy I have tried many things from Baclofen, BOTOX and Phenol injection non worked. The other day I was reading an article writen by Vicky Matthews. Where she mentions. The same problems I am having and I asked her to please share with me the exercise you recommended since I have the same simptoms she had. She did send them to me i.e. walk like a duck, walk like a dog and walk like a camel I started doing them on Monday and I feel lots stronger. I just want my toes to settle down. I have attached ashort clip of me walking. To see if you find somethingout of the norm. I am curentlly preparing for a 10k race. I run for 10 min on a tred mill at the clinic. What is your opinion on that.

I just want to recover I have worked so hard. I ask my self why are my toes doing this I feel that I am going backwards.

But I cant give up I will continue to work hard untill something gives. I guess I just need the proper guidance.


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