What exercises can you recommend?  What can I do to get rid of my spasticity?

What does “Use & Abuse of the leg reflects upon the recovery of the arm.” mean?  I walk, use a treadmill U& slant board regularly in addition to riding an elliptical arc & stationary bike.  I also practice dorsi-flexion & use leg weights.  Is this all helping my arm?  I want to avoid “abuse”  of the leg of course!  But what are you referring to in that quote?

Please tell me what exercises are good for my arm/wrist/hand?  My therapist & insurance company had a bad attitude * even though I was increasing my range of motion & decreasing my spasticity, they discharged me to a home program because they said my gains “weren’t”  functional.

Please help me!  I am very young, fit & educated; I want to get on with my life!  Instead I’m doing constant therapy!

Thanks in advance,


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