It was 21st dec.2004,we had just come down from Lagos(Nigeria) wedding season in B’bay,were socially busy.on that day…….went for a walk for 45 minutes(walk was routine)went out for lunch,after lunch played cards in a club,came home 8.30 quickly got changed,took a drink while we all were getting ready to go to Taj for a reception.We’d been at the Taj barely 45 minutes,he felt uncomfortable & wanted to go home.Beforei could find the rest of my family,he left the hall & went & sat on the sofa in the corridor & was perspiring profusely. Our host saw him first & went upto him to ask why he left the party & was sitting out. My husband could not respond & gave him a blank look. Something was definately wrong so our host announced if there was a dr. around.A doctor soon came on the scene & thought he was having a heart-attack,he gave him soluble disprin?asprin?not sure but my husband was unable to drink it all. Dr. said we should rush him to hospital, we did’nt even wait for ambulance & took him by car, by now he had no control on his arm &leg, with a lot of difficulty we managed to reach inside hospital & he was checked at once for heart,no problem there.My son-in-law had a presence of mind & called our physician at once who immediately sensed a stroke (he knew my husband had BP) & asked them to do Scan.They saw the haemerage & put him in ICU & started the necessary treatment, informed the doctor who was on the scene first thing in the morning (all this happened from 10pm t0 11.30pm). Doctor’s advice was not to delay the surgery, of course keeping in mind the BP to stabilise.We had no choice but to take his advice. So,around 2.30pm on 22dec. he was operated which lasted till around 8.30/9pm (BOMBAY HOSPITAL). The rest of the information is in the discharge cards etc.
Right from the hospital his therapies started,continued all along at home to this day before we saw you.I must say he was never co-operative,it was like forcing him to do, but i must say,he’s very co-op now,maybe seeing all the other patients working so hard there, & your assurance that if he listens & does what you tell him to do, has given him the motivation.I only pray to God that he continues & becomes a little independant& starts to lead atleast 50%(no i am optimist 90%)of the life he was used to..I feel so blessed to have met you & I admire you for the selfless  work you are doing.God Bless You.

Thanking you,

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