The results of the pathology determined the tumor to be astrocytoma, grade I to II.  My son has since had 2 MRI’s, and there is no sign of regrowth and no radiation or chemotherapy has been ordered by his neurosurgeon or neurologist.

About 18 -20 hours after surgery, a bleed in the area was discovered which of course resulted in his stroke.  At the point of the hemorrhage, my son suffered aphasia, apraxia, right hemiplegia and right homonymous hemianopsia.

His physical state since the stroke is as follows, in 10 months, he has regained a good portion of his speech although he still does not have the command of the language he once had.  His reading and comprehension has been affected enough to make it difficult for him to return to his university studies.  His field of vision has expanded about 10 degrees.   He is able to walk without assistance but still exhibits a slight foot drop and complains of no feeling in his toes and on the outer edge of his foot.  He can raise his arm over his head, but has an internal rotation which we have been unable to stop.  He can grip at will, but has absolutely no ability to open his fingers at will. I have noticed that since his arm and hand do not behave as he would like them to, he avoids using them even when they could make dressing or eating an easier task.

Please send me some information on how to obtain instruction for the exercises you have found to work in stroke recovery.  We are of course willing to try any and all avenues to make his recovery complete.

Thank you so much for your time.


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