Dr Vasa, I have a 31-year old cousin named Quinton, who was brought up in the US but moved to South Africa about 3 years ago. Last April he had a stroke which left him paralysed on his right side and with key cognitive ability severely hampered. He then spent about a month in Entabeni Life Rehabilitation Centre in Durban, but made very little progress and was eventually discharged and advised to learn to live with his restrictions. He is able to walk by dragging his left leg along, he can talk and still has an excellent sense of humour, but he has almost completely forgotten about the left side of his body including his limbs and eyesight. This caused him to have a car accident a few months ago (yes, he shouldn’t have been driving!!). He has also just had an epileptic fit which landed him back in hospital this weekend (he is on Epilim for his epilepsy, which started after his stroke).

Quinton had met Carmen and her family during their time at Entabeni, so we were both extremely shocked to bump into them at a shopping mall recently to find her looking so well and obviously having made a full recovery. Quinton, on the other hand, is depressed because of his situation. He is also extremely stubborn and proud, and did not really put his all into the recovery process immediately after his stroke. He didn’t see the importance of completing what he felt were ‘baby exercises’, however, I think that with a year having passed between then and now, he is probably ready to commit to making a full recovery by doing all the required exercises.

I would like to make initial enquiries on his behalf, as he is extremely keen to come to India and undergo your therapy.

Could you please provide me with some initial info including duration, cost, activities, etc?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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