Before this she was a very healthy and active 77 year old lady. She gardens, cooks, cleans and does everything else. Her mentation has remained intact. Please let me know how we can participate in your rehab program through the videos and also about the cost.

My brother is  a very strong guy and he is very patient. He already started doing therapy with our grandma while she was in the hospital and got her to move her left pinky finger, and her thumb. Grandma on the other hand is a very intelligent and persistent woman. She is determined to get better. Our only limitation right now are finances and that we do not know where to begin with the exercises.

Please help us Dr. Vasa!


J & R

Humans are born crying with closed arms, and the world smiles at them. We must die smiling with open arms and must have given so much to the world, that the world cries for us.

Cheerfulness, sir, is the principle ingredient in the composition of health.

–Arthur Murphy

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