We would like some further details about your exercise program. Is your program is outlined in a book/ video or other so that we might be able to implement it here in Australia?

If it is only available in India, could you please give me an idea of the daily routine, session time and costs. Is it only available in your clinic or do you visit patients? We are beginning to research hopsital and clinical treatments available in both China and India and that’s how I found your website. Unfortunately, doctors here are quite pessimistic about his recovery and as such only a low level of physio is being made available to him at this time.

We are looking to find an intensive rehabilitation program, but we feel he would need to stay in a hospital/ clinic/ centre as he cannot walk. We would be grateful for any information regarding treatment centres you might know of or recommend if we were to travel to India for a prolonged stay.

I look forward to hearing more about your program,



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