It is like someone telling me dontworry and be happy you are still alive after all.I am really starting to beleive that in my case no amount of hard work will ever pay dividends and provide some quality of life improvement. Post stroke depression is a real bitch and a serious bladder control issue does not help at all. I dontbeleive in miracles and nothing I have seen in post stroke rehabilitation to date will change my mind on the possibility of performing meaningfullpost acute stroke recovery. How can you succeed were thousands have failed before. If the Vasa Concept is as effective as you claim why is it not in use in all reputable stroke rehab facilities. You seem to promote healing principles that are more associated with the treatment of the energy centers of the human body. Building new neuro muscular pathways to healthy parts of the brain implies teaching the brain skills that have been dormant for decades or have never been used at all. What is the trigger mechanism capable of performing such a reorganization of the brain. Triggered electro myography was invented with the promise of helping stroke survivors rebuild new neuro muscular pathways, it has proven nearly useless with acute stroke survivors. Victims wishing to use E.M.G.must do so at their own expense since insurance companies do not recognize it’s benefit as a therapeuthic apparatus. Most stroke victims are already affected by loss of revenue and must incur additional debt burden to seek new rehabilitation therapies.

Since money does not grow on trees, very few have the possibility of seeking truly beneficial therapies that might help to restore lost motor control functions. It really comes down to how bad do you want to obtain medical treatment and how much are you willing to spend to get rid of the wheelchair permanently.

In western society, stroke rehabilitation is the domain of physiatrists and they operate within a very rigid frame of medical teaching in which holistic medicine as no foundation or merit. We are not in a position to challenge what the medical field considers to be it’s imminent domain. We are the patients and must often accept medical prognostics at face value. If the physiatrists were the individuals afflicted by brain attacks, I suspect that many of them would question traditional teaching and seek help in uncharted territory.In a society where healhcare is provided by the state. The state prefers to keep medical expenditure per capita to a minimal.


Montreal, Canada

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