My main problems are my walking and my Left arm.  I have done inpatient therapy, water therapy and home therapy presently.  The first place I went to spent little time working on my arm but the water therapy place and my home therapist (OT) have helped me to be able to move my arm better.  I have difficulty with front arm raises as I have dificulty keeping my arm straight foward it wants to move out to the side, I have trouble keeping my elbow straight and my arm rotates inward which pinches something in my shoulder and causes me pain when I lower my arm.

I also have problems with spasticity in my foot as my left ankle wants to roll sometimes and my toe wants to curl under my foot. I cannot turn my foot out or evert as my therapist says.  My left hand is also spastic as though I can extend my wrist some I cannot open my hand nor extend my fingers. I have had botox in my biceps, hand and forearm with some improvement but I still cannot voluntarily open my hand. 

I happened accross your website and have also saw someone recommend you  on a website for stroke survivors. Please help me I am willing to commit to your  program of excercise.

Thank you


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