Birth of Vasa Concept:

Dr Rajul Vasa right from her student days had plenty of unanswered questions about spasticity in neurological rehabilitation. She went for post-graduation in neuro rehabilitation to Switzerland but came with more questions and all her questions remained unanswered. She travelled around the world in the hope to find someone who can give her satisfactory answers about why brain gets into a negative vicious circle of symptoms like abnormal movement and spasticity instead of complete recovery! She soon recognized that neuro rehabilitation is a field of unchartered water since brain is still a dark black box for neuroscience and very little is known about underlying mechanisms behind negative symptoms, spasticity and about how to channelize true recovery following brain damage.


Dr. Rajul Vasa with Dhirubhai Ambani
Dr. Vasa put herself in the shoes of the patient and started introspecting to figure out that first change must begin from within her. She wondered why dogmatic teachings that continue to focus on muscle paralysis fail to make muscle recover. It was obvious for her to see that muscle was simply a victim and continues to get victimized at the cost of patient’s time, energy and money.

Dr. Vasa began to take interest in experimental evidence in motor control and what she recognized was that questions of typical stroke motor behavior frequently became the source of more questions than answers.
She decided to find the solution and answers to her own questions from within herself and her journey began with Navkar Mantra and prayers to goddess of knowledge; Ma Saraswati.


Dr. Rajul Vasa with Mr. Shaikh Al Hasher

Dr Vasa experimented clinically with ‘out of the box’ ideas on the chronic stroke patients in the clinical atmosphere to find answers to series of unanswered questions. She found number of highly willing patients who had stroke for more than 6 months to 10 years. Some of her brilliant patients like Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Mr. Shaikh Al Hasher from Muscat, Oman who were not willing to accept life of dependence began working as a team where Dr Vasa exploited entire body of the patient including the paretic body as a window to the brain. Dr Vasa exploited gravity to make the brain to react instantly and desirably to channelize self-organized brain to re-reorganize and to ‘Switch on’ the subcortical areas of the brain that got ‘Switched off’ for safety of brain. Patients quickly learnt that their own brain is the best machine with infinite power to help it to re-reorganize. It became obvious to her that no manmade machine can help their brain to get re-reorganized and to get ‘switched on’.

The above journey into the unchartered water took shape of VASA CONCEPT which in essence channelizes and directs the dialogue between brain, body and external environment by reconfiguring entire musculo skeletal system to manipulate afferent inflow to achieve desirable motor outflow that helps expand boundaries of Centre Of Mass [COM] movement in all Cartesian coordinates on the paretic side of the central axis and restore lost sensory motor control by inducing change from within that also helps to restore communicative, perceptual and cognitive abilities as a byproduct.

Vasa Concept empowers the patient and the family to make the patient ‘being in control’ of the self and be in the driving seat to help the self. Patient is given periodical guidance by expert to learn ‘What not to do’ and learn ‘What to do’ with their body to influence their brain to walk on the path to recovery.