President, Woodrow Wilson, 1919.

Does science of neuro rehabilitation have any answers to aftermath of paralytic brain stroke and cerebral palsy in this 21st century?

Following photographs make it very obvious that soon it will be hundred years since President Woodrow Wilson got stroke in 1919 and Senator Mark Kirk got stroke in 2012 but nothing much has changed and stroke rehab continues to remain one of the most challenging frontiers of medical rehab science.

In the most advanced countries also there is no effective solution for stroke rehabilitation. Stroke patients around the world continue to struggle to restore the paralytic body back to function like before. Associated physical, psychological and social challenges engulf patient and his/her family equally.

Stroke rehabilitation medicine continues to struggle to provide answers to underlying mechanism behind loss of sensory-motor control following stroke. After a century of extensive multidisciplinary research in stroke rehabilitation science, stroke patient of today [Senator Mark Kirk, 2012] continues to suffer like a fellow stroke victim of the last century [President Woodrow Wilson, 1919]. Frustration is increasing among the patients and their families as rehab therapists and rehab doctors are struggling to find right solution.

Most victims of stroke lead life of dependence despite spending much time, energy, and money to recover. Family, society and state loses productive time period of the life of stroke patients who become dependent.