Rohan Shah, diagnosed to have corpus callosum atrophy, Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL), spastic diplegia, infantile spasms (cryptogenic) controlled on VGB was initially a hypotonic child; had delayed milestones.  He was unable to walk without support, vision difficulties, had difficulty in doing all fine finger movements, weakness in all four limbs until he joined Dr. Vasa at age 11 yrs.

Rohan Shah before Vasa Concept

Rohan is one of the twin babies.  While the other sibling remained healthy, Rohan had delayed milestones, there was no trunk control at all and his trunk would remain all the time bent whether he was made to sit, crawl or stand; he was all skin and bone.  He could not stand and walk without support and always had scissoring of legs.  He had vision problems despite undergoing stem cell therapy. He was severely constipated and would not pass stools for days together.  Rohan was all skin and bone when he joined Dr. Vasa in April 2012 at age 11.

Following are the observations made by Rohan’s parents within a time span of less than a year of treatment with VASA CONCEPT.


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Before Vasa Concept

With Vasa Concept

Progress Timeline

2012 May - Jul

Visible Progress

Rohan started with therapy of Dr. Rajul Vasa on 22nd April 2012.  At the age of 12 years, when Rohan joined the centre, he wasnot able to come to sit by himself, was unable to crawlas his legs were very stiff. We used to hold him under the arms and make him walk, but legs would scissor and we could go few steps for our pleasure and not for child as he felt uncomfortable with legs crossing and could not go on.His vision was not good and was not able to recognize alphabets and numbers, he had very poor immunity, he was all skin and bone, no eye-hand coordination.  We came to know about Dr. Vasa through a parent. When I came to know a little about Dr. Vasa we called Trupti and we were told to come and meet and see other parents working on their child. We went to meet other parents and children for few Sundays so that we know how it is going to be our responsibility for our son Rohan and recognize that Dr. Vasa will be only guiding us on Sundays. We learnt important lesson that we must work with our child and we must not depend on Dr. Vasa to make Rohan exercise. We also recognized in these times that all the time in the past we were taking our child to the doctors and therapists for them to treat the child but here was a unique approach, we must work with our child ourselves for 5 hours a day if we want any result. One hour of therapy is not going to get us anywhere. Unfortunately we had already experienced in last 12 years what happens when we depend on others to exercise with our child.Now it is almost about to be a year under doctor’s treatment and Rohan has shown so many progressive changes which we never observed during past 12 years of his treatment with various other specialist doctors.

In the first month of joining Dr. Vasa, Rohan had following multiple changes in him:

  • We found his pelvis has become loose and we could passively stretch him in cobra posture very easily; though it was quite painful for him initially, but this we understand is quite normal because no work had ever been done on his hip contracture over last many years and on top of that we had been making him walk despite scissoring of legs asall previous therapists and doctor suggested Rohan must be made to walk with support he is already 12 years.
  • Now in one leg cobra posture, his pelvis almost touches the ground; though pelvis and hip are pressed passively.  In one leg cobra he is even initiating well in pushing the leg behind.
  • Within such short period, we see his calf muscles are beginning to develop.  Calves are becoming more bulky; this we know is from the active exercises as suggested by Dr. Vasa as we never found any such kind of drastic change in him over the years of passive exercises that we have been doing for him.
  • Earlier, it was very painful to bend his toes due to the stiffness present, toes weer like solid rock but now we can easily move his toes, feet, and ankle.  We even observe that his feet shape is changing.  Previously, his feet were bony, crooked and flat.
  • Rohan’s upper body shape has completely changed. His body looks so much athletic. His shoulders have become broad, his deltoid, biceps have developed. He can see his six pack abdominals.
  • Rohan is now recognizing alphabets and numbers. But they have to be bold and well spaced out.
  • In the month of June, for the first time in 12 years, Rohan could sit beautifully independently for 5 minutes without support.  We were very happy and at the same time becoming more and more confident about Rohan’s progress.
  • Earlier Rohan required support to maintain cobra posture on ball, now he does that independently.
  • Now when Rohan is sleeping, his hands appear much more relaxed; previously the elbows would always remain bent and hands close to his chest.
  • Camel posture which was very painful before is much easier now with foot flat and touching the ground.  The ankle tightness appears to be improved.
  • His sitting posture is much more erect.  Trunk control has improved a lot.  His scoliosis in back has vanished.
  • He is himself trying to get into camel and cobra posture from dog posture.
  • Because there is good trunk and head neck control developed now, he gives good eye contact and focuses well on any object.
  • In the month of July, we observed that the black spots on Rohan’s spine which had been present over the years have started reducing; they are becoming light in color.
  • Though we have stopped making him wear spectacles, we see that his vision has improved.  Now we have the answer to why Rohan could never learn alphabets in so many years though we tried very hard to teach him and now within 4 months of joining therapy under Dr. Vasa he identifies capital letter alphabets. Now we understand that though Rohan was using spectacles, because of poor head neck control he had to roll up his eyeballs and frown to visualize any given object, he could not lift the head neck to maintain eye contact with the object for sufficient time in order to register an image on the retina.  We also see that this is a common problem of all the cerebral palsy children and all of them are given spectacles to improve the vision, but it is of no help as the problem is not the eyes itself.
  • Previously Rohan’s left hand was tighter than the right hand; now while doing ballbalancing when we hold a toy in front of him or sideways, his left hand opens up and he reaches for the toy.
  • Previously whenever we made Rohan sit in Namaaz posture, his trunk would immediately bend, but now he is sitting erect in even Namaaz posture as his trunk muscles and trunk control have developed.
  • Rohan can really extend his arms and hands to arrange cups and other articles that we give him to play.  This was never seen before.
  • For independent crawling we keep treasure hunt where we give him clues and then he has to search the articles and every article has points and at the end he gets score for his game and he has bonus points for speed and keeping his head up.  So exercises are no more a boring thing for him.

Dr. Vasa says parents have to be creative and witty enough to get things done from their kids. This is the only way your child’s brain will develop. Dr. Vasa says do not focus on the muscle. Muscle for Dr Vasa is a tool to make brain to develop with varieties of movements done by child. Passive stretching of muscle is simply giving pain unnecessarily and torturing the child. Muscle for Dr. Vasa is a victim from brain lesion and can be capitalized to help brain.

Rohan kneeling situps 29-06-12
2012 Aug - Oct

Visible Progress

  • In the month of August 2012, we started exercise of getting into kneeling from Namaaz posture.  Rohan is picking up things from the ground and throwing; we started with 30 times at a go and now we have reached up to 100 times at one go. Rohan’s speed and confidence of doing and throwing objects has increased tremendously.
  • We see that now his vision has improved, now he lifts his head up and looks straight up many a times.
  • Now, the way he does crawling has improved and he does it with more confidence and speed and with alternate movements of hands and legs; earlier since he had severe contracture at the pelvis, he used to load both his hands together and drag both lower limbs forward for crawling.
  • Rohan’s stiffness in sacral area has reduced tremendously. Now we can also see dimples around sacrum in the lower back which were not seen earlier.  Also his hip and gluteal muscles are developing.
  • Rohan’s shoulders have become very strong as he can go from cobra to dog posture about 40 times in one session.
  • In the month of September 2012, we noticed improvement in Rohan’s chest.  Previously there was lot of stiffness, now we are able to see lot of breathing chest movement. His chest circumference has increased and intercostal rib muscles have begun developing. As the spasticity of the chest cavity is reducing with the exercises, his lungs are able to expand more and function more and he is able to breathe more easily without keeping his mouth open to inhale, this is visible from the movement of the rib cage.
  • We were teaching alphabets to Rohan since many many years, but we were not  getting results. Now in last three months, Rohan has learned to identify almost all the capital alphabets which is a big achievement.
  • In the month of October, we noticed that Rohan’s spine which previously was in ‘c’ curvature due to the scoliosis; now from his mid-back to lower back his spine is completely straight and normal.  Due to this his sitting posture looks more erect.
  • Previously we could hardly see any muscle around the abdominal area. His abdomen would look almost hollow when Rohan would lie supine. Now we can see good amount of muscles at the abdominal area.
  • Rohan still sometimes bends his neck while sitting and his legs still sometimes get into scissoring when we lift him up; though the frequency has reduced a lot.

Rohan loading of one hand on ball
2012 Nov '12 to Jan '13

Visible Progress

  • In the month of November 2012, there is noticeable difference in the way Rohan was sitting. His posture is quite erect and he can sit independently for more than 20 minutes.  His trunk, abs, and neck muscles are developing rapidly.
  • While doing dog to camel Rohan now initiates himself by straightening his legs and going into camel by taking his pelvis up. The tightness in his ankle tendons has reduced a lot and his calf muscles look more bulky and healthy.
  • His pelvis is much more relaxed while doing backward bending in kneeling. He can go much lower, also his hands have opened and relaxed.
  • Rohan had got two boils; one on his hand and the other one on his leg, though the boil was painful, yet he was quite energetic, cooperative, and did all his exercises.  After the boil broke open, we observed that Rohan’s movements have become more flexible than before.
  • Rohan verbalizes very well but is not able to maintain good eye contact, so we are insisting him to look into eyes and then talk.  Now he can do that as his trunk and head neck control has improved a lot.
  • Now he recognizes all capital letter alphabets.
  • Also at times we play games with him; if some advertisement is coming in TV we mute the volume and ask him to indentify the particular advertisement so that he uses more of his eyes and not ears; also it is fun for him.


  • In the month of December, we observed that Rohan’s pelvis has relaxed to a much greater extent.  Previously there used to be lot of space between floor and his pelvis in prone posture; now the pelvis totally touches the floor.  From this we can make out that his hip flexion contracture has reduced otherwise it would not have been possible to get his back into such good extension.
  • His entire structure of upper body has changed. He looks so much athletic with broad shoulders and 6 pack abs.
  • His vision has improved as after so many years he now recognizes the alphabets.  We make him pull things hanged on to a rope with his hand reaching out; on the rope we put some Uno Cards, cricket photos, our old photos, etc. Once, I had hung a very old photo of my sister and my old aunt which he recognized correctly without any hint.
  • Rohan initiates leg movement while doing one leg cobra.  Sometimes he also tries doing alternate leg movements.
  • We are very happy to observe that Rohan’s feet shape is really changing, especially area around the ankle.  His foot muscles are developing; even the shape around his toes has changed.
  • One more achievement is now Rohan sits in Namaaz posture for more than 10 minutes. Before we could not make him sit in Namaaz posture as it was very painful for him at the ankle and foot. Now when he is sitting in Namaaz posture, he also tries to broaden his chest and sit with a very erect posture.

January 2013

  • In the month of January 2013we noticed that now Rohan does dog to cobra very fast without hand support very beautifully, we really enjoy seeing him doing that.  He tells us not to hold him or support him.  His arms have really become strong. Previously we were required to give him external support at elbows to keep them straight as elbow would collapse and he was unable to maintain the posture.
  • Previously there was no curve at his hip area because he was just a bony structure, now we see a nice shape as his abdominal and hip muscles are developing.
  • His hands are totally opened up now, there is no fisting as before and he can make more use of his hands now. 
  • We see that Rohan’s confidence is really increasing and he wants to do everything by himself.  He himself tries to reach the rod and hangs on to the rod by himself. His left hand has become more flexible and stronger.
  • Rohan’s motions also have regularized.  Now he moves his bowels every morning and sometimes even in the evening also.  The stools are normal, well formed and there is not stickiness present anymore.  Previously he was not able to move his bowels daily as he was severely constipated and would not pass stools for many days together and would pass only after use of laxatives. 
2013 Feb - Mar

Visible Progress

  • In the month of February 2013, we noticed that the game that we play with him, a game in which while watching TV whenever advertisement comes we mute TV and ask Rohan to recognize the advertisement without voice;  now Rohan recognizes 90% of advertisements. 
  • Now Rohan is very firm with whatever he decides, we cannot persuade him to do otherwise.
  • Rohan has become very observant and wittier. For every situation he has his own punch Line or sometimes he even fits a song, for e.g.: one day he wanted to watch cricket and I was not agreeing so after a while he stared with Ishqwala Love and he said “mama I dedicate this song to you”. 
  • His appetite and energy levels have improved. 
  • His observation has improved. Now he notices the difference if I ware Rohan’s papa’s T-shirt; he asks me why are you wearing Papa’s Shirt? Also after a long time his father wore a chain. The chain was hardly visible under his shirt but he asked “papa, are you wearing a chain?”
  • He does 2 sets of 30 push-ups in a day with ease all by himself without any support.
  • In the month of March 2013I am very happy to share that Rohan is really enjoying cycling. We go cycling for 1 to 1 ½ hour session three times a day and still he is looking forward to doing it. On second day itself Rohan has started half peddling forward and since we are practicing a lot of reverse cycling as Dr. Vasa has advised.  He sometimes takes full round of reverse peddling. His spine is erect when he himself tries to pedal forward. It is so delightful to watch him do it. We all are enjoying his achievement of making movement when we go down cycling. Now he has started independent cycling half pedal for about 100 feet. 
  • Now Rohan’s capacity to hang on rod has increased to 1 ½ minutes at a stretch. 
  • His immunity has improved tremendously and his energy and initializing is superb. 
  • Dog, Cobra which we started with a lot of support now Rohan does it independently and beautifully with elbows extended. To extend his elbows we needed two people initially as the contracture in elbows flexion was terrible.
  • We began to put Rohan in sand from this month.  First day of standing in sand was little tiring for him and really cried after one hour since his legs were paining, but very second session he was much better.  Still we are not able to do a lot of sit to stand. We are increasing his time of standing from 1 hour to 1 ½ hour.
  • Stretching legs apart on powdered surface which Rajul madam showed is getting easier and less painful and his legs are going out more and more; his adductor tightness is reducing.
  • His vision has drastically improved so much that in a television serial named Tarak Mehta – Jethalal, a character had tied a kerchief on his head and Rohan could figure out even that.  We are astonished to see this unbelievable improvement in his vision that too without working on his eyes; his vision improvement we believe we got as a byproduct of development of his brain connections for vision.
  • Now his hands remain open all the time.

Rohan also does sit to stand independently with very little support at the knees. He also has begun to cycle in March; he joined us in April 2012. He can hang on to rod for few seconds independently. He does 250-300 pushups daily. He was all skin and bone before, now all his muscles are developing. He has become more flexible.

Rohan S. Vision improvement

Rohan Shah History

I had a preterm delivery. They are twins Rohan & Rhea. I realized that I had twins when I did my sonography at 2nd month. This was a little difficult for me to take as I was not prepared to handle two kids at one time and we also wanted only one child. I was advised bed rest at the beginning of 7th month as the babies had already come really down. I delivered by the end of 7th month it was normal delivery. I did not realize anything as Rohan was a happy active child until 7th month. As Rohan was not rolling, he was not giving proper eye-contact and not crawling so we realized that something was wrong. I was in complete denial mood and was not ready to accept the situation. But then we found a physiotherapist near our house who did physiotherapy for Rohan and he was improving very fast. Then at age 9 months he started getting infantile spasms and he was started with Gardenal.  After starting with Gardenal, he was all the time feeling very drowsy and used to feel pukish and also stopped eating well. His physiotherapist advised us to go to Dr. Asha Chitnis. Then we started physiotherapy with Asha Chitnis. We really had very bad experience. It was really very depressing and she really put us down. I do not know why she had this grudge on us. She even charged thrice the fees she charged others; fees was not really an issue though only thing we felt bad was that she was really very rude and she was very professional not really helping us. She saw Rohan for about 2 years or more.

Different treatments taken by Rohan:


2001 to 2003

Dr. Asha Chitnis everyday occupational therapy with Dr. Seema alternate daysPhysio
2001 to 2003Dr. Udani  – Rohan was on Gardenal  for 6 Months &

Mr. Sabril for 1 Year.

Then his EEG showed marked improvement & all his medicines were stopped.

2004 to 2007Mayaben physical therapist at Gurukul School Ghatkopar, Rohan showed very little difference. 
2005 to 2007Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Tank at Ghatkopar, Rohan actually regressed so much during this time. But I was too overwhelmed by his talks to understand that medicine was actually harming my child.2 Years
2007We started with Dr. Venkat’s Diet which had more of Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts.3 Years
2007 to 2009We started with Dr. Oswals homeopathic Medicine. The medicine did not help Rohan2 Years
2009Rohan went through Stem cell treatment at B.G.Global Bangalore. We found very  little difference in his vision and speech. 
RohanRohan had also taken Neurotherapy, Pranic Healing, and Reiki. 

Despite doing so many different treatments on Rohan, we did not find any improvement in him; instead he kept on becoming more spastic.  Somehow now when I look behind, I am a completely new person now. I am now so much spiritually inclined and my mind is now open to so many new possibilities.  I think Rohan has helped us grow as individuals and also as parents.  I & my husband, Vipul we both share a very strong bond. We are pillars to each other.  All the decisions for Rohan or otherwise are always taken after a mutual understanding.  We came to know about Dr. Rajul Vasa’s therapy through a parent.  The first day when we saw a little of Dr. Vasa’s therapy, I was so really impressed we immediately started with therapy.  When we took Rohan first time to Dr. Vasa on April 22, 2012, he was all skin and bone.  It seemed as if he had no muscles; one could not see even the chest expansion while breathing.  His skin was so yellow. His elbows were so much into flexion that they were not only contracted but appeared sort of deformed kind and straightening his elbow was a tough task.  He had no trunk control and his head would always remain down.  He was so much adapted to it that while crawling, he used to take support of his head to move forward.  He wore spectacles but it was of no use as his head would always remain down and there was no eye contact with the object.  When we used to make him stand, his legs went into scissoring and he had a foot drop which made it difficult for him to even stand with support.  His feet were absolutely without muscles, deformed, crooked in appearance.  His skin also had patches all over the body.

After Four Months of therapy changes we would see were:

  • Rohan’s Chest before had a lot of stiffness now we see a lot better breathing movement. His chest circumference has increased and muscles around chest have developed.
  • Rohan’s stiffness in the lower back has reduced tremendously. We also see dimples in lower back (sacral area) which were not there earlier.
  • We are teaching alphabets to Rohan for many years, but we were not getting results, now in these three months we completed all his capital letters and almost all small letters which is a big achievement.
  • Rohan’s spine was in ‘c’ curvature before now from his mid-back to lower back his spine is completely inside.
  • Rohan previously had severe constipation and had bowel movements every alternate day and that too after using some home remedies, otherwise he wouldn’t pass stools.  Now he passes stools regularly every morning without any medicines.

 After 8 months of therapy:

We are very very happy as there have been tremendous changes in Rohan.

  • His immunity has improved tremendously and his energy and initializing is superb.
  • Dog to cobra which we started with a lot of support now Rohan does it independently and beautifully with elbows extended.
  •  Camel exercise when we started was extremely painful and just did 5 – 6 times is now very easy for him we now do it ½ hour at a stretch.
  • His calf muscles are taking shape they are more bulky, healthier & relaxed.
  • Rohan goes into kneeling with least support and maintaining it with minimum support which was not possible earlier.
  • Rohan’s upper body shape has completely changed his body looks more athletic and his shoulders have become broad, his biceps have developed and we can see his six- pack abs.
  • He can do 150 pushups in 3 sets in a day.
  • 4 Inches of lumbar spine, the outward curve has gone inside; the spine now is no more scoliotic as before.
  • His abdominal muscles are developing.
  • His skin has changed from pale yellow to healthy pink.
  • Now he has begun with cycling and he loves to do that.
  • Now he hangs upon to rod by himself for few seconds; he has got so much strength in his arms and his joints have become so strong.
  • Rohan’s understanding has improved so much, he says he will do all the exercises by himself and he also understands that his body is getting better and flexible day by day with exercises.

We do believe that Rohan is a miracle child. That is why finally we got to know Dr. Vasa Concept. Rohan has improved so much in just 10 months of therapy with Dr. Vasa. We have not seen such kind of change in 9 years of any other therapy.

We are so grateful to Dr. Vasa and to her amazing therapy. Her therapy has worked on Rohan from all angles.  It has reduced his stiffness, his body has become more flexible, his vision has improved, his body has become muscular, he can speak more clearly and loudly, his skin color and texture has improved, he has got good trunk control now and he can sit straight.  His scoliosis of spine has diminished.  He has become more active and intelligent than before.  His memory has improved.  He now has began cycling which makes him more happy and we are also happy that though he is not allowed to walk as of now, he is able to make movement on cycle which has also provided a certain degree of freedom to him and also to us. Only because of Dr. Vasa, we could see so many changes in our child.  Now we are so confident that this is our final destination and path to Rohan’s independent living.  Thanks to Vasa Concept.

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