Diagnosed as Spastic diplegia, delayed milestones, MRI showed periventricular hyperintensities in the fronto-parietal and parieto-occipital white matter regions and peritrigonal regions with paucity of white matter; findings represented sequelae of perinatal hypoxic ischemic insult. Hetal started therapy under Dr. Vasa at age 4 years.

Hetal Nersekar before Vasa Concept

Hetal was unable to sit and walk independently even at age 4 yrs. She also had an open mouth posture, was spastic and used to sit with thoracolumbar kyphosis. Hetal did toe walking with scissoring of legs. She was also using AFO’s to walk. She had undergone stem cell therapy which was not beneficial, and was advised eye surgery for correction of squint and Botox for reducing spasticity prior to joining therapy under Dr. Vasa in September 2012, at age 4 years.

Following are the observations made by Hetal’s parents within a time span of less than 7 months of treatment with VASA CONCEPT.


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Before Vasa Concept

With Vasa Concept

Progress Timeline

2012 Sep - Dec

Visible Progress

  • Hetal joined treatment of Dr. Vasa on 3rd September 2012 at age 4 yrs.  By this time, we parents had tried various therapies including stem cell and were depressed mentally as well as financially.  Just before joining Dr. Vasa, we were advised Botox and also an eye surgery to correct the squint in her right eye which they thought was hindering her vision.
  • When we visited the center for first time, we mingled with other parents with children above 8 and 12 and they said how their children got stiff and contracted despite spending money on therapy in different special centers almost since being an infant before they came to Dr. Vasa at a late age of the child. We got little relaxed thinking that we were lucky enough to know about Dr. Vasa at this early age of 4. When we spoke to Dr. Vasa, she explained us the importance of time and starting the appropriate therapy at young age when the brain of the child is rapidly undergoing developmental changes.  She made us realize the importance of time by telling us that every day and each second of your child’s life is crucial. We felt we were spending away so much time of our life and Hetal’s life time carrying her to different doctors travelling, and sitting outside the waiting rooms of therapists to get only 30-40 minutes of therapy every day during which she cried and felt helpless and we felt sorry she was crying all the time when Hetal actually needed to work with brain and body for several hours every day.
  • Within two months of starting the treatment with Dr. Vasa, we could see that Hetal’s hip contracture started releasing and her hip became more relaxed.  While getting into cobra posture, by the end of October, her pelvis was almost touching the floor; though it was a difficult task to begin with. Initially we had to passively press hard upon her pelvis to bring it in contact with the floor.  We never knew this stiffness until we ourselves started working on our child.  Secondly, we were wondering how so much spasticity could develop as we had been taking Hetal to therapists right from the age of 7 months and she was on antispastic drugs as well for all these years. Therapists too had been working hard on stretching muscles and reducing the spasticity, yet Hetal had developed a great deal of pelvis hip knee flexion contracture.
  • She is now able to maintain herself in dog posture for few seconds; we do have to provide little support at the elbow.
  • In the month of November, Hetal could do dog to cobra very smoothly and for longer duration.  Dr. Vasa has educated us about brain development requiring repetition of exercises.  Doctor repeats that we are working towards brain development and 30-40 minutes of passive therapy and rest of the time child lying passive in bed is never going to be sufficient for the brain to inlay the desirable brain connections among brain centers.  We have to facilitate the child with safe postures to provide the brain with appropriate sensory inflow and await desired motor outflow keeping in mind that brain is an action-reaction organ. We reap what we sow! Now, we are doing 5-6 hours of therapy per day as advised by Dr. Vasa.
  • Her back muscles have become strong.  Her sitting in Buddha posture also has improved.  Her trunk control is improving.  With the healthy diet that has been advised, she has become very active; not lethargic as before.
  • In the month of December, all the exercises that she was doing, she could do them for longer durations and with more flexibility. 
  • Now in dog posture, if we hold her at the trunk, she tries to crawl about 5-6 steps.  Though madam has told us not to force her to do so; she will do it on her own when her body is prepared to do the same.  “There has to be a connection between the brain, body and gravity for a movement to emerge automatically this is how even we grew up exploring the surroundings”, Dr. Vasa explains.
  • Earlier she had a very stiff body.  She used to always keep her both hand fisted. She always kept her right hand bend towards shoulder.  Even her legs were stiff.  But now after exercise her stiffness has reduced a lot and most importantly without any medicine.   Now that her hands have opened up with exercises, she can reach out for objects and is frequently making use of her hands on her own for different activities.
  • Her speech has improved.  She can now speak more words, more clearly and loudly.  This has happened as even the spasticity around the neck and jaw region has reduced now.  She is even able to chew and swallow her food more easily.
  • The stiffness in her whole body has reduced a lot with the active exercises that she is doing.  Previously she used to fall at times even in sitting posture as there was lot of contracture at hip, now she doesn’t allow herself to fall even if somebody pushes her.  She manages to stretch out her arm and prevents herself from falling.  

loading of hand on ball
2013 Jan - Mar

Visible Progress

  • In the month of January 2013, we can see the progress of Hetal as her speech is becoming clear with each passing day. Her hand stiffness has reduced and she can write E, F, H, I, L and T with the help of chalk on slate.
  • On 27 January 2013, Hetal spontaneously started crawling on her own without any support; we couldn’t believe our eyes, we were delighted to see her crawling.
  • We used to always feed her till January 2013. After January, we started training her to eat on her own. Initially she used to cry to eat on her own but now she has started to eat.  She can cut bajri roti into pieces on her own and she eats it with sabji. She is also trying to eat semisolid food with spoon. She is also trying to drink water on her own.
  • Her eye sight has improved.  Her speech is improved.  Right hand movements are improved.
  • She has started using her left hand now; previously she never did this; she used to keep her both hands tightly fisted.
  • Now in the month of March, we see that Hetal’s face is looking so bright, she has become so active, her hips, thigh muscles are developing so well, and now that she has begun crawling, she is moving all around the house and in real sense now she has begun to enjoy life like every other child does.
  • Hetal tells us about nature’s calls and whenever she wants to go to toilet.  Earlier we had to put diaper whenever we used to go out.  Now we have stopped using diaper, it is saving money.  We use diaper only in school for safety purpose.  We are very happy that she has developed control over bladder and bowel sensation. 
  • Hetal has a problem in moving her tongue from left to right and right to left but has started speaking though her speech is not clear she tries to speak.   She speaks one word like Papa, Baba, Mama, Kaka etc.  She now also can speak Laa, Va, Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Ra etc.; now she can speak all the words.  .  Now she can speak sentences, sing poems etc.
  • Earlier Hetal’s activities were very poor.  She was so used to being idle in one place.  Now her activity has improved because of reduction in stiffness and is becoming more active.  Now she can put rings in cone.  She started playing with peg and hammers.  She likes to play in water.  She can thread beads.  She is more expressive about her needs.  She demands whatever she wants.
  • Hetal had become very quiet over the years of therapy with various doctors.  She used to get frightened and cry a lot each time we took her out of home to some new doctor or therapist.  She used to fear the painful stretching done by the therapists.  Hetal used to never interact with anyone. She was very reserved kind of person and never used to go to anybody. Now with Dr. Vasa’s treatment, Hetal understands everything.  She has made huge improvement with regard to social, psychological, emotional, intellectual, behavioral front.  She is now very confident and cheerful.  She loves to go out.  She likes to go to School, interact with her friends and she likes to play with them.  She even knows the teachers and friends names.  She can speak A to Z alphabets.  She can count 1 to 100 numbers.   She can sing poems, understand colors, shapes and she is very sharp in reading. Her grasping power has improved a lot. She likes to interact with family members also.  Hetal is very emotional.  If we shout for no reason then she feels bad and starts crying.  She is very co-operative while doing exercise.  She never cries. She likes to watch advertise, Chhota Bhim and likes to hear classical music.
  • Now Hetal has no tightness in her limbs and would not be required to take any Botox or undergo any surgery for squint eye as the problem is reducing day by day.  Dr. Vasa has saved us from any further monetary losses. Vasa Concept is a miracle as in case of our child it has worked on training her brain, reduce her spasticity, her bladder bowel control, her vision, her speech, her memory, her digestion, her skin texture improvement, opening of the hands which we could never dream of, her intellect, her behavior, her balance; previously she was unable to sit and would fall due to severe hip contracture, her movement; now she has begun crawling and exploring the world.  So it is one Vasa Concept working against so many problems of a cerebral palsy child. I think with moving around a lot on her own began her intellectual growth too.  All these things we have noticed in our child and that too in a short period of just 6 months. Thanks to Dr. Vasa.

Hetal began crawling for first time in her life on January 18, 2013. She joined us in September 2012; at that time she could sit with hunch back with support and only creep forward.

Hetal Duck walk

Hetal Nersekar History

HETAL; daughter of Deepika and Sagar Nersekar, was born on 7th June 2008 at Noble Hospital, Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai

The delivery was Caesarean and Hetal was premature baby born at 32 weeks. She cried immediately after the birth and her weight was 2.18 kg at the time of birth. After delivery she was transferred to N.I.C.U. for 7 days. On the very next day of her birth she got convulsion. According to the doctors she had convulsion because of low calcium.

Our Pediatrician did not tell us about her convulsion problem. Till her age of 6 to 7 months we thought that Hetal is a normal child like others. Untill 7 months she was not holding her head. During a routine checkup at Doctor observed Hetal’s development was not like a normal child. He suggested us to go to Physiotherapist. We did physiotherapy for 7 to 8 months. But Hetal’s improvement was not satisfactory. Therefore we took a second opinion of a child specialist at Dadar. He suggested us to do M.R.I. , BERA and consult to eye Specialist.

We did M.R.I. at P.H. Medical Centre at Santacruz and B.E.R.A. at Wadia Hospital. At that time Hetal was 10 months old baby. B.E.R.A. test report was normal. M.R.I. test report showed Thinning of the corpus callosum is seen. Periventricular Hyperintensities in the fronto-parietal and parieto-occipital white matter regions and peritrigonal regions with paucity of white matter. Findings are representing sequelae of perinatal hypoxic ischaemic insult.

We showed the report to the doctor who told us that Hetal has delayed Milestones. We have to do physiotherapy regularly. He told us that her walking might be different from normal child. He also told us that you don’t expect from her to be an extraordinary girl like doctor, Engineer or Lawyer. There we lost our hopes and started worrying about Hetal’s future. We went into depression and all the time we were worrying about Hetal.

We then went to Neurosurgeon as suggested by pediatrician. She said that Hetal has Spasticity. For that she suggested regular physiotherapy and Pacitane and Lioresal tablets. We saw little change in Hetal with this. She gave reference of Eye specialist (child). He told us that Hetal can’t see with her left eye. We have to operate on her. That too was hard for us to bear; again we got depressed. We then took another consultation of Eye Surgeon at Ghatkopar – East. He told us that Hetal had good vision but has a squint in her right eye. We have to put glasses but at that time Hetal was very small hence he suggested us to come after some months. When he told us that Hetal has good vision and can see with both eyes quite well, we were glad to hear that.

One of our family friends suggested us to give Hetal acupuncture treatment. As per his advice, we gave Hetal acupuncture treatment for 7 to 8 months. Acupuncture specialist told us that we don’t need to go to physiotherapy and accordingly we stopped physiotherapy treatment for 7 months. But with only acupuncture treatment we could see no improvement in Hetal; instead her stiffness increased. Thereafter we stopped acupuncture treatment.We were mentally, physically and financially very much disturbed. During this period Hetal was around 2.5 yrs to 3 yrs.

We had also given her an ayurvedic tablets for 1 and ½ year. There was some improvement in her constipation problem, but otherwise no global improvement was seen. Then we stopped giving her ayurvedic tablets also.

In 2010 on television, we saw an interview of a doctor on E tv Marathi about stem cell. We took an appointment of the doctor, who told us that stemcell will bring lot of improvement in Hetal. He also told us that she will start crawling after three months, and by 6 to 12 months she will start walking.Hence after much consideration we decided to give stem cell therapy though it is very very costly and was not affordable for us yet we gave her stem cell therapy for we felt that it will change our child’s life. After giving stem cell therapy we didn’t notice any improvement in Hetal what doctor had told us before giving the stem cell injection. We could notice only her features were changed,stiffness wasreduced and there was some intellectual improvement in our wishful thinking about our child. The total cost of stem cell therapy was 4.80 Lakhs.

Our earlier physiotherapist had told us to consult with an eye surgeon and also with Orthopedist. We took an appointment to meet the eye specialist once again. She told us that Hetal has a squint in her right eye due to which her visibility is very week.She told us that operation is required and the total cost would be around 70 to 80 thousand. We then went to orthopedic doctor who told us that Hetal needs Botox which will reduce her muscle stiffness. The total cost of Botox injection was 50 thousand. We told both the doctors that we require some time to arrange the money.

Then we again started physiotherapy at Ghatkopar. We started taking Hetal daily for exercise. Doctor used to give Physiotherapy as well as occupational therapy to her but the progress was very slow and not as per our expectations. But as days were passing we were losing our hopes and we started thinking negative about Hetal’s progress because Hetal was growing.

During that period in the month of August 2012, one of our relatives told us about Dr. Rajul Vasa as he had read an article in the newspaper about the CP children. He told us to go and meet Dr. Rajul Vasa and consult about Hetal. We went to meet Dr. Rajul Vasa and told history of Hetal, we also told doctor about opinions of the eye specialist and the orthopedic doctor. After examining Hetal, Dr. Rajul Vasa asked us to concentrate on exercise which she tells us. After meeting Dr. Rajul Vasa rays of hopes arose in our life. We saw the way she was working on other children at the center, we spoke to the parents of CP children and started thinking positively. Dr. Rajul Vasa’s exercises are very different from our earlier exercises which we used to give to Hetal at home. Earlier we used to give exercises to Hetal which were very much passive in nature. Passive means more of our exercise and less of Hetal, we were protecting her and supporting her like our previous physiotherapists did, due to which her improvement was also very slow.

Before meeting Dr. Vasa we were not so confident about Hetal. We thought Hetal will never be independent in her lifetime and she has to depend on us for all her activities of daily living but Dr. Vasa has changed our views. She is so positive about Hetal that she told us Hetal has great potential but she also told us that we need to work long hours with child each day. Now we feel that there is a God who takes care of every one.

We started Dr. Rajul Vasa’s treatment from October, 2012 and with her unique treatment we saw lot of improvement in our child. Hetal’s stiffness has reduced a lot without any antispastic drugs. Earlier her speech was not clear. Now there is lot of improvement in her speech. Her interaction with others has also improved. Now she recognizes pictures of fruits, animals, colors, vegetables, shapes etc. She likes to watch Chhota Bhim, Swami Smarth C.D.’s Dr. Rajul Vasa is not only treating our child but also has changed our views about Hetal. Dr. Vasa started Hetal on a healthy diet due to which we saw change in her memory and improved digestion. Another big achievement that I would like to mention is we were forcing Hetal to crawl at home but she never crawled. When we went to Prempuri on 27th Jan, for the first time in her life she started crawling by herself. Our eyes could not believe, Hetal crawled to go to other kids. Now we are for sure that Dr. Vasa’s exercises are much better than any other therapy. We are very happy now,this is only because of Dr. Rajul Vasa. We are thankful to Dr. Vasa.

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