Anshi has been diagnosed to have atrophy of the lentiform nuclei with altered signal in the globi pallidi; associated subtle signal abnormality in the mid brain and around the fourth ventricle; these likely represent the sequelae of an unknown insult.  She started with Vasa Therapy in August 2011 at age 3.5 years.

Aanshi Motiwala before Vasa Concept

Anshi  is a full term ceaserian baby with birth weight 3.5 kg born absolutely normal except that she had club foot (CTEV) of right leg which was corrected by physiotherapy.  At age 15 months, she was tried with Pacitane and Revocon for her dystonic movements, but her symptoms indeed worsened with these drugs and her trunk control furthermore deteriorated.  At age 3.5 years, she couldn’t sit stably as her dystonic movements destabilized her constantly and she had poor head, neck, trunk control.  She used to throw back her trunk and her upper as well as lower limbs had become spastic and her legs used to severely scissor when she was forced to walk.  She had low immunity and frequently fell sick until she started following Vasa Therapy at age 3.5 years.

Following is an account of observation made by Aanshi’s parents over the years while being treated with VASA CONCEPT


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