Message from Dr. Vasa

Message From Dr. Rajul Vasa

What concerns me deeply is the way brain stroke is being perceived by people at large.

A lot of people (including some health professionals) consider it as a hopeless condition & accept the loss of control on movement, balance & posture as inevitable. (although no one declares it openly).

The Best Machine you can think of for your own recovery is ‘your brain’ and ‘your own body’ in teamwork with an expert stroke therapist

In a surgical condition like Cardiac bypass patient is a passive recipient and the success of surgery depends entirely on the skills of a surgeon. But in stroke motor rehabilitation with VASA CONCEPT patient’s active participation is mandatory. Success lies in the hands of the patient.


My mission

Rajul Vasa

To make the stroke patient aware, that consistent use of the good side of the body to sit down, to stand up & to walk brings in morphological changes in your brain and can hamper recovery of your affected side.