Do’s & Don’ts for Stroke Patients

Do'€™s & Don'ts for Stroke Patients

  1. To get the best out of VASA CONCEPT you must know the DON’Ts along with DO’s:
  2. You must become responsible and contribute for the self equally actively along with the rest of the rehabilitation team.
  3. You must know that you cannot be a passive recipient if you want a complete cure.
  4. You must believe in yourself and in your ability to go through the rigorous and disciplined training to reach to the finest recovery in shortest possible period.


Incorrect understanding about exercises and wrong input to the recovering brain turns the recovery into development of abnormal movement.

Pessimism about brain stroke recovery is not so uncommon among the health professional. This must not be allowed to become contagious to the brain stroke patients & his support system.

Some experts, out of ignorance announce to the patient – “it takes time” patient waits for months & years in great despair when instead of normal movement what appears is the abnormal movement making the condition permanent for the rest of his life.

Recovery can continue even after years of stroke.