Cerabral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

When your child is diagnosed as cerebral palsy child with terms like quadriplegic, diplegic, athetoid or hemiplegic it is good for the parents to know what can be done to your child.Once the diagnosis is made by your pediatrician, or neurologist or rehabilitation doctor, parents need to know that everything is not lost & one needs to help child’s brain to get all opportunity it needs to discard the role of the damaged neurons & to continue to grow in the right direction & help connect the brain with the environment to be able to rise upright at proper time without spasticity & abnormal postures.

To achieve the ability to walk without abnormal posture is an achievement of parents who accept playing a major role of being therapist themselves & work on their child at home in a safe environment of love & bondage that is extremely important for the child under the regular periodic guidance of a physical therapist.

Growing brain is thriving & dynamic with infinite potential to be tapped by continuous efforts towards stimulating the brain. Sensory input is essential but child must not be exposed to those sensory inputs that his brain cannot handle & generate chaotic motor output, as the growing brain is also susceptible & vulnerable.

Muscle is a tool & muscle contractures or tightness must not be allowed to govern the brain or dictate the brain in terms of focusing on lengthening of muscles day in & day out. Brain must be groomed & channalized wherein there is no room for contractures.

Surgical procedures are meant for targeting tight muscles. Surgery does not change the state of the brain or do any magic as parents normally expect.

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